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Align is committed to assembling a team of the very best medical professionals to collect and process samples on site. With varying backgrounds in ICU care, Community Nursing, Women & Children’s health, and mobile laboratory services, the Align team brings compassion and professionalism to every interaction.


Founder & Director

Emily O’Loughlin is a Registered Nurse, and Director and Founder of Align Production Health. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Victoria and has multiple post-baccalaureate specialty certifications. Emily has over 16 years of critical care, surgical, and community nursing experience. 

Emily’s many years of high acuity and community health nursing prepared her for the Covid public health crisis. In the summer of 2020, Emily was commissioned to provide risk assessment and management solutions for the film industry to maximize the safety of cast and crew while returning to work.

Emily is involved in all aspects of operations at Align Production Health. She feels privileged to collaborate with her exceptional team and continues to strive for excellence and look for new ways to push the industry forward. Emily is a highly motivated entrepreneur with a passion for providing outstanding service and innovative solutions that are tailor-made for her clients.



Physician, B.SC., M.B.B.Ch.

Dr. Louis Scheepers has been providing medical oversight for Align Production Health since it was founded. Dr. Scheepers is an Independent Medical Practice Professional and currently serves as BC Children’s Hospital’s Head Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiologist. Dr. Scheepers is passionate about research that improves clinical care.


Systems Manager

Dylan Thompson is one of the first Align faces you will see on-site. He has worked in the film industry for over 5 years in development, production, and post-production. He also spent 2 years in a tech startup managing content creation and publication. Dylan brings this wealth of experience organizing various creative projects of all sizes to the Align team.


Project Manager

Lorie Hansen brings over 14 years of nursing experience to the Align team. Lorie’s passion and diverse skillset quickly made her a leader in the field of on set Covid-19 services. Prior to Covid-19, Lorie’s professional focus was in Women’s health. Lorie’s experience working with women in high risk pregnancies, labour and delivery, with chemically dependent women from the DTES, and in home care has equipped Lorie with exceptional skills and compassion which she brings to every project.


Project Manager

Libby brings several years of experience in nursing and public health research to the Align team. Libby has been working in the film industry since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, and has also managed occupational health and screening programs in other industries. Libby's keen attention to detail and analytical nature make her an effective, and efficient leader in her role as Project Manager.


Project Manager

Dane joins Align after a decade of building creative companies in the food, beverage, and entertainment sectors. He also has 4 years of on-set experience as a union lighting technician and knows the film industry well. As a Project Manager, Dane maintains an agile, solution-oriented mindset and has the ability to form an instant rapport with anyone, making him an effective leader.


Clinic Manager

Crystal is an experienced customer-oriented professional with a degree in Marketing. She was a pivotal contributor to PlayStation and Meta. She has successfully organized C-Suite executives in fast-paced start-up environments while tackling key projects and cross-functional collaboration. She’s had experience as an extra on location and a Health & Safety admin and analyzer for Align production Health. 


Lead Administrator


Lead Administrator

James Sharp brings years of customer service and management experience to his role at Align. His background working in fast-paced industries like restaurants, print production, and now film sets equips James with a diverse skillset fit for any on-location challenge. James is also a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.


Office Administrator

Veronika Kurz is part of the admin team at Align. With a keen eye for detail, she approaches her work with efficiency and organization in mind. Drawing from her experience as an award-winning director and producer, Veronika adapts quickly to evolving circumstances and excels at working collaboratively.

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